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Yet again, I’m indebted to my friends at 800CEOREAD. A few months ago, they invited me to write a ChangeThis manifesto; yesterday they put it up on the ChangeThis website. It was a great opportunity for me to rant about one of my favorite topics: how weird it is that we promote people into management and expect them to somehow – magically! – know how to manage well.

Now, if you don’t know about ChangeThis, you should go check it out on general principles, whether or not you read my manifesto. Their premise is that people are tired of sound bites and polemics, and want an alternative. Here’s how they describe their reason for being:

Weʼre betting that a significant portion of the population wants to hear thoughtful, rational, constructive arguments about important issues. Weʼre certain that the best of these manifestos will spread, hand to hand, person to person, until they have reached a critical mass and actually changed the tone and substance of our debate.

Some of their manifestos are funny, some are irreverent, some are instructive — all are thought-provoking. Yet another cool service the folks at 800CEOREAD are providing to the world.

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