Do You Love It?

It feels like I’ve been surrounded by people, lately, who are thinking deeply about what they’re doing and what they want to do. People on a variety of employment levels and at a variety of points in their lives, all the way from my 19-year-old son who’s wondering if he should stick with his entry-level make-some-money-during-college job, or look for something better, to a very senior executive who’s wondering if she should leave her extremely well-paid and high-profile job to run a non-profit about which she feels real passion.

I’m listening a lot, and doing my best to help each of these people sort through their decisions. And what I find myself asking them about their present jobs, over and over, is some version of “Do you love it?”

People often tell me that’s not a realistic question, that we can’t all have jobs we love, etc. etc. I suppose that’s true; I know there are truly unlovable jobs out there, and someone needs to do them…and yet, why shouldn’t we aspire to loving what we do?

I’d really like to hear from my readers about this. Do you love your work? If not, why not? Are you planning on doing something about that?

Let me know what you think….

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