Politics and Other Inevitabilities

Link: Office-Politics.

This is a link to a great website, Office Politics. The idea behind it is very simple and powerful: the founder, Franke James, invites people to write letters to the site about political issues they’re dealing with at work. She has collected a wonderful and diverse group of authors and thinkers to respond to the letter-writers. I’m very honored to have been asked to join this advisory panel; Franke has also been so kind as to feature my book on the site this week.

It’s amazing to see the universality of these issues: I’ve yet to read a letter on office-politics where I thought, “Really? I’ve never heard of such a thing!” When human beings aren’t operating at their best, there are definite themes. I suggest you wander around on the site — I suspect you’ll find some advice that applies to your situation…

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