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How dependent are you on your computer? Has your computer ever died?

Until last Thursday, my answers would have been “very” and “no.” Not only no, but no with dismissive arrogance: I’m a Mac person, have been one for 20 years, and have never experienced a crash. Macs are perfect, right? Backups – sure, kind of…well…actually…

Then, Thursday at 6pm, my trusty Mac Powerbook turned up its toes, gave out an extended death rattle, and stopped working. Auggghhh!!

Fortunately, I was able to get in a cab and race down to Tekserve, here in NYC. Bad news: they told me my hard drive was toast. Moderately good news: they told me they have an 85% data recovery success rate. More bad news: it would take a week to even find out whether they could salvage anything. Moderately good news: they could put a rush on it – and let me know by Tuesday, at the latest. Good news: they had a beautiful new Macbook Pro in stock for me to buy while I waited to hear the verdict (and freaked myself out thinking about what it would take to recreate my output since my last back-up).

Suddenly, my answers to the first two questions changed to “completely,” and “oh my god – yes.”

There is a happy ending. Our good friend Scott Serota, who works at Tekserve, called us with regular updates, and let us know on Saturday afternoon that, after numerous attempts, they’d salvaged everything on the drive.

I felt kind of like I’d been pulled back from the very edge of a cliff.

And the moral of the story is: BACK UP YOUR DATA. I’m now going to be the zealot queen of backup. Every time I create something, I’m going to make sure there are two of it. At least two of it.

How would you answer the questions? Tell us your story!

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