Happy Employees = Happy Customers = $

Link: Employee Surveys | Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

I love it when the data supports my pre-existing beliefs. Here’s a white paper that shows how employee satisfaction is linked to customer satisfaction and business results.

It makes perfect sense to me – most people, if they’re happy in their jobs and feel well-treated and appreciated by their employers, will tend to feel loyal toward and supportive of their company in return. They’ll then be more likely to be attentive and skillful with customers, and to do good work on a daily basis.

Voila: better business results.

The article above makes a good case for this (even though, at its heart, this article is a promotional vehicle for the employee surveys of the company that published the white paper, Infosurv), as do many articles and papers published over the last decade.

Sears, in particular, has done a good job of sharing the impact of their focus on employee satisfaction as a business driver. But they’re by no means the only company to have seen this correlation.

Why then, do so many companies still treat employees like – pardon my French – crap? In many organizations, employees are routinely kept out of the loop of critical information; not acknowledged or rewarded for good performance; forced to follow senseless and byzantine rules for the convenience of management; not provided with the skills or understanding they need to succeed.

I wonder, does that approach arise out of a clearly formulated belief, on the part of the powers that be, that empoyee satisfaction isn’t important to the business? Or is it simply unexamined selfishness taken to the nth degree?

Perhaps eventually, we’ll reach critical mass. Perhaps the positive results of treating employees like the valuable resource we say they are will become more compelling as competition – for customers, for innovative approaches, for quality employees – continues to build.

Meanwhile, I’m doing my best to spread the word.

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