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This link is, once again, to Wayne Turmel’s Cranky Middle Manager podcast. It’s his latest offering, a great conversation with Josh Kaufman. I’ve mentioned Josh here before – he’s the creator of the Personal MBA, a do-it-yourself approach to getting the core learning you’d get from an MBA program. The program is based on Josh’s hand-selected list of 69 recommended books. I think it’s a wonderful idea (autodidact that I am), and Josh explains it very clearly in this podcast. As usual, Wayne asks excellent questions, and pulls a lot of interesting insight from Josh.

One useful thing Josh talks about is how to read a book for maximum understanding. He bases his recommendations on one of the books on his list, Ten Days to Faster Reading.

The other reason I like this podcast is that Josh says great things about Growing Great Employees. (How could I not like that?) I mentioned in an earlier post that GGE is one of the 6 books he recommends in the PMBA area of “Management.” I loved hearing Josh talk about my book in this podcast: he really understands and supports the essence of what I was trying to communicate.

The PMBA is such a great idea, and Josh is a wonderful, passionate spokesman for it: listening to this podcast will give you a fuller sense of how you could benefit from what Josh has put together.

Josh also unveils a new brand new concept he’s developing: to find out about it, check out business mental models.

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