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Archive for June, 2008


Asia, then Europe, then America

FT.com / Comment & analysis / Comment – We must break the male cartel in the workplace.

I found this article really insightful and clearly thought-out.  And very embarrassing. As I was reading, the author's premise became clear – that Asia is way out ahead of Europe in terms of recognizing the importance of having women in senior positions in the workplace, and putting them in those positions.  And as I continued to read, it became increasingly clear that what she considers "behind" was still better than we in America have done and are doing.

But I put aside my chagrin: there are wonderful facts in this article.  Here's my favorite:

According to a recent study by McKinsey, the management consultancy, companies with a higher proportion of women in senior management are on average 48 per cent more profitable than rivals. Diversified management means better management. Including more women in top positions, both in public and private sectors, changes decision-making processes fundamentally, as women tend to play down formalities and communicate directly, overcoming organisational blockages.

I'm pretty sure her proposed solution – introducing legislation for gender balance on company boards, at universities and in government – won't work in the US. But I can keep throwing stuff like this into the conversation…
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Big Fun!

Last Friday, I experienced one of the most fun and useful meetings ever. It was an intersection of many good things: wonderful topic + great people + exciting possibilities + excellent outcomes.  If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned that my editor at St. Martin's, Phil Revzin, had suggested that we use the principles of my new book to create the marketing plan for the book.  So that's what we did.

IMG_1675The whole book team got together at my agent Jim's office: Jim and two of his folks, Lindsay Edgecombe and Kerry Evans; Phil, the senior editor at St. Martin's; my publicist Barbara Cave Henricks, her business partner Dennis Welch and her online guru Sara Schneider; and me.  We spent the day creating vision and strategy for the marketing of  Being Strategic, and then each of us committed to creating tactical plans for the strategies within our spheres of influence/job description.IMG_1673

Oh!  It was so delightful: I was in heaven.  To be facilitating this process (which I believe is so useful, I wrote a whole book about it!) with such a lovely, smart, capable, collaborative group of people…and to experience all of them being so committed to supporting the success of the book – it was just wonderful.

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In a Spirit of Selflessness

The Top 100 Management and Leadership Blogs That All Managers Should Bookmark – HR World.

A friend of mine, Mitch Ditkoff, sent me this list of the 100 top Management/ Leadership blogs from the editors of HR World.

Now, of course we all recognize that the omission of The Simplest Thing was simply a grievous and inexplicable oversight on their part. <g> That having been said, it's a great list and invite you to sample it.  There's lots to be learned here, and thought about, and applied.

And, given the number of business blogs that exist these days (I just went onto Technorati and found 1,100 business blogs), it's nice to have somebody do some screening.

Do you have a favorite business blog that's not on this list?
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The World IS Flat

CEC_MAG Global Sources – Products.

A very cool global thing happened today.  I got an email from my friend Dylan at 800CEOREAD, letting me know they'd gotten a request from Chief Executive China to translate and publish my ChangeThis manifesto, Growing Great New Managers, in their magazine and on their website.

I agreed – and suggested they note to their readers that Growing Great Employees, on which the article is based, is also available in Chinese.

The idea that something I wrote, sitting here in New York, might help a manager in Tianjin to develop his employees, or an executive in Shenzhen to decide what kind of team he wants to build — that makes me very happy. 

Maybe it shouldn't – maybe I should be more worried about global competition…but I'm with Friedman on this: I think there's more than enough to go around.  
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Greatwebmeetings.com | Great web meetings.

So, I'm very excited to note that Wayne Turmel, my friend, fellow blogger , and business podcaster supreme has started his own company, and this is the link to his website. As a participant in many NOT-great web meetings, I think Wayne is on to something here: there's a niche to be filled, and he's the guy to fill it. Here's how the greatwebmeetings site describes what he's trying to do:

For the last 5 years Wayne has been focused on teaching people how to use web-based presentation tools to do more than present; to communicate and connect. His passion for the topic stems from his background, not as a technology buff (no geek is he!) but as someone committed to helping people get the best out of their people and themselves no matter the medium.

He's been asked to host a webinar in association with the folks at Dimdim on "guerilla managing remote teams." It's on June 26th at 11am ET and should be great…
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Look – a great blog

NinaSimosko.com .

I love discovering new (to me) blogs.  Here's a good one.  It's by a young woman named Nina Simosko, and I really like the way she thinks.  Here's how she describes her blog:

This blog provides aspiring leaders with a forum to investigate ideas, innovations and approaches to leadership. I welcome your thoughts on these topics or any other that affects the “nature of work" and the advancement of women in the corporate world.

At the risk of sounding enormously old, I think it's this next generation of women like Nina who are creating the world of work that I want to see; the one that takes full advantage of everyone's gifts and talents. 

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