I love Halloween.  All the wonderful, inventive decorations;the little kids in cute costumes; their glee at all the free sugar; my daughter and her husband still getting excited about dressing up.

When my kids were little, we lived in Colorado for a number of years, and there was at the time a pretty strong fundamentalist movement in the schools to ban Halloween celebrations from public schools. I remember seeing one little kid interviewed on TV, absolutely terrified that if she dressed up like a witch or a goblin for Halloween she would get taken away by the devil.  Seriously. I’m not kidding.
Fear is such a corrosive emotion.  And people who try to make other people afraid as a way of controlling their behavior – I find that really despicable, whether those people are parents, bosses, religious figures, or Republican presidential nominees.
Human beings operate much more effectively and have a much better time when they’re motivated through love and hope for the future.  Possibility!
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