You Failed? Learn and Keep Going

OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN | Failure Is the New Success.

I love this video.  It’s ostensibly about failure, but it’s really about how to get through failure to success.

I found it extraordinarily inspiring, personally and professionally.  And I think it’s such an important lesson for the times: we ARE going to fail as we look for ways to craft our next iteration as a country.  If we don’t fail, it means we’re being too traditional and reactive, too safe.

Interim failures will be necessary on a national level, a company level, a personal level. I hope our failures don’t paralyze us with fear. And I really hope we don’t waste our time on hand-wringing, or playing hot potato with the blame. I hope we make the habit of “fair witnessing” our own mistakes: being objective about what happened, figuring out how to make it work better the next time, and trying it again.

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