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6 Weeks to a Great Webinar | Great web meetings.

More from my friend Wayne Turmel, who is doing a service for the world of work.  How many of you have been part of a bad webinar?  OK, you can all put your hands back down now.

I think we all know intuitively that the web could be a great venue for meetings and seminars…we just haven't quite figured it out yet. Wayne is trying to do something about that.  His company, Great Web Meetings, focuses on giving people the skills, understanding, and tools to create productive and engaging meetings on the web.

Since it seems clear that more and more meetings are going to be conducted at least partly online, it makes sense for us all to get better at doing it.

And I just found out from him this morning that he's created a new workbook to makes these ideas more widely available (that's the link above).  Check it out!  Or come to his next webcast, learn a bunch, and get the book, too.

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