Happy Earth Day

I love that Earth Day seems finally to have come into the mainstream. I’ve always been a big fan, ever since it was mostly just all the other hippies and me talking about saving the planet, while everybody else rolled their eyes. (I put it down to my mom encouraging me to read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring when I was a kid.)

Doing a Google news search on “Earth Day” today yields lots of great articles, from a NYT exploration of the Obama administration’s focus on “green jobs,”  to auto manufacturers’ Earth Day initiatives, to a  Disney film meant to get the eco-word out to kids and their parents everywhere.

Now, there’s a new element to all this I really like: all of these things are clearly meant to yield revenue. I always assumed that the “green movement” would start to take off at the moment we started to find the intersection point between the earth’s welfare and our own financial success.

Here’s hoping I’m right.

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