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How Ecologist Eric W. Sanderson Is Creating a New Vision of a Lost Manhattan — New York Magazine.

New York is my favorite city in the world. I once said to someone that it seems to me that the difference between New York and LA is that New York runs on the energy of making things happen and LA runs on the energy of making things seem to be.

I love that NY energy: figure it out, find a new way, make it different, talk about it with dash and insight.  And at the same time, I've often wondered what New York must have been like before the Europeans landed and started building things.

And, voila, now I find that a man named Eric Sanderson has been working on something called the Manahatta Project. "Manahatta" means "island of many hills" in the language of the Lenape Indians, the residents of Manhattan in 1609, when Henry Hudson sailed up the river. 

He's been creating images of what the island of Manhattan looked like 400 years ago. This article in New York magazine tells the story, and the Manahatta Project website also has lots of great info (and the opportunity to sponsor seeing what your own block of the city looked like, pre-city).

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