I Heart New Techonolgy

Today I was lamenting my slow, sporadic and stupidly expensive internet connection at my country/weekend house.  There's no cable service near me (it sounds remote, but it's not really – it's within 15 minutes by car of both New Paltz and Poughkeepsie), so I've had to cobble together my media/technology solution: Verizon for phone, DirecTV for television, and HughesNet for wifi.  Hughesnet is satellite broadband, and – at least in my situation – it is, as previously stated slow, sporadic and expensive.

So, as I was bitching and moaning, my love Patrick said, "Why don't you just use a mobile broadband adapter?"  Then he proceeded, very kindly, to download the Verizon software, connect the cute little adapter to my computer's USB port, and…voila.  Twice as fast, half as expensive.

I know some people think technology is scary, or ruining the quality of our human connections, or whatever.  But I mostly love it.  As long as you're clear that it doesn't replace real relationships, or make you happy, or give you love…that is, as long as you use it to simply make effort more productive or results easier to get, I think it's great.  Twenty-first century labor-saving devices.

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