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Archive for July, 2009


Big Fun

Doonbank_cottage9 What a great day: lots of fun on the Early Show this morning; had a wonderful meeting with three of my Proteus colleagues; now I'm off for 10 (well-deserved, if I do say so myself) days in Scotland with my love (see cozy picturesque Scottish cottage at right).

I made a commitment to myself, when I began The Simplest Thing in January of 2008, never to go more than a week without blogging unless I'm on vacation. I've kept to that – and now I'm going on vacation; so I'll be back when I'm back!

Hasta luego!

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Yay, Team

Later this afternoon, I’m going to have the opportunity to meet with Jeff Mitchell, my dear business partner, and two of my other colleagues, Kathy Dore and Mike Rowe.  I’m really looking forward to it — it’s an important time in our business, and having the chance to spend some time thinking and talking about key issues with this group of brilliant, experienced and good-hearted people seems like an enormous gift.
And it makes me realize, once again, how important it is to have great people to work with.  I’m absolutely clear that I would not have been able to be where I am today without my team mates: colleagues whose skills complement mine; who have my back as I have theirs; whose triumphs thrill me and whose difficulties call out the kindest and most hopeful me.

I feel deeply grateful to be a member of the Proteus team; you inspire me. I want to continue to do and be my best with you guys — let’s keep building our castle!

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CBS is Being Strategic

Early-Show-Logo-1 My dear friends and readers, I just found out that I'm going to be on the Early Show next Friday morning  (July 24th), talking about Being Strategic.  I'm quite excited, as you might imagine – it's an opportunity to offer the idea of being strategic as a useful life skill to a much broader audience than I usually have.

If you know if anyone who you feel might enjoy it and/or benefit from it – please let them know!

I'll share more details about time and topic if and when I have them…

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Quick: Are You Political?

The Office Politics Game | Office-Politics.

Dear_OP3833 High-integrity people often think they aren't (or shouldn't be ) "political" — assuming that to be poitical means to be conniving, inauthentic or self-serving.

But if you think of politics as an acknowledgement of the simple fact that we all live in a huge web of influence, where everyone is, on one level or another, hoping to directly or indirectly impact situations and outcomes — then you realize that 1) politics is unavoidable (like gravity) and 2) it would be good to learn to operate in that web in a skillful, honest and reasonably mutually beneficial way.

I'll do a more in-depth review later, but I just wanted to mention and link to this useful and insightful book-and-game, recently out from Franke James.  I am pleased and honored to count Franke as a friend and colleague, and I think she's done a wonderful thing here: addressed the topic of office politics with wit and humor, and offered a way for people to improve their poltical acumen while retaining their principles.

It's fun, too — check it out.

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Business Blogging

How Are You Planning For Success? – Bullish on Books Blog – CNBC.com.

Here’s a great thing; not only did CNBC ask me to write a guest blog post for their Bullish on Books blog, but writing it gave me a chance to say (well-deserved) good things about our client GE, and their ecomagination efforts.

For those of you who aren’t aware of this initiative, you might want to read my blog post, or check out the link in the previous paragraph. Ecomagination is a great example of “doing well by doing right”: the company’s mission for ecomagination is “helping solve the world’s biggest environmental challenges while driving profitable growth for GE.”

Gloria McDonough-Taub, the CNBC blogs editor, and the author of Bullish on Books, has also put Beng Strategic at the top of her recommended books list!  I’m very honored.

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