Quick: Are You Political?

The Office Politics Game | Office-Politics.

Dear_OP3833 High-integrity people often think they aren't (or shouldn't be ) "political" — assuming that to be poitical means to be conniving, inauthentic or self-serving.

But if you think of politics as an acknowledgement of the simple fact that we all live in a huge web of influence, where everyone is, on one level or another, hoping to directly or indirectly impact situations and outcomes — then you realize that 1) politics is unavoidable (like gravity) and 2) it would be good to learn to operate in that web in a skillful, honest and reasonably mutually beneficial way.

I'll do a more in-depth review later, but I just wanted to mention and link to this useful and insightful book-and-game, recently out from Franke James.  I am pleased and honored to count Franke as a friend and colleague, and I think she's done a wonderful thing here: addressed the topic of office politics with wit and humor, and offered a way for people to improve their poltical acumen while retaining their principles.

It's fun, too — check it out.

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