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Book Excerpt: Reset by Kurt Anderson – TIME.

My brother Kurt rocks. (My brother David rocks, too, but that's another post.) A few weeks ago, Random House published Kurt's powerful little book, Reset. In it, he proposes that our current crises are an opportunity to re-imagine and re-create much of what hasn't been working in America over the past 20+ years.

I agree with most all of what he says (and he says it so wonderfully).  I especially agree with his Reset_closed300 perspective on what this means for US business.  In the link above, Time offers an excerpt from the book that focuses on this topic.  Basically Kurt says that our current situation will serve as a kind of accelerated survival-of-the-fittest moment for business; that those organizations whose structure, products or philosophies are outdated and cumbersome will fall — to be replaced by companies that offer the goods and services people want while using new ways to create and sell, and leveraging the changed expectations of workers and consumers alike.

I encourage you to read the excerpt – and I encourage you to buy the book. It's clear, bracing, hopeful, and – I think – spot-on.

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