It’s Official – Kind Of

Bernanke Says Recession ‘Is Very Likely Over at This Point’ –

In this brief article in the NYTimes, Ben Bernanke opines (with supporting data) that the recession is officially over.  Pretty much.  He cautiously states:

"the consensus of economic forecasters is for moderate economic growth for the remainder of this year and next, particularly as credit markets thaw, consumer confidence takes time to heal and the federal government begins to unwind spending and lending programs intended to mend the economy."

Spring-trees-shepherds-lane-124724 And that's certainly what I'm feeling and hearing in talking to clients and observing my own business.  It feels like a slow thaw, but a thaw nonetheless — with executives beginning to move forward in new ways, invest, grow, develop people, build teams.

It's kind of like those first couple of weeks of spring, when it's still a little chilly, a little brown, patches of ice in the shade…but then you look across the river and notice that the trees are just in that green-gauze state that precedes actual leafing out.

I'm looking forward to seeing what this new season brings in the world of business…

What are you all seeing and feeling in this regard?

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