It's the official first day of Spring, and it's absolutely gorgeous. The daffodil shoots are inches higher than IMG_0096 they were just hours ago. And here's photographic proof: when we got to the house on Friday evening, the tree in this picture – I swear I am not making this up – had not yet begun to leaf out. 

Spring captures me every single time. Everything coming back to life, bursting free, struggling up to sun and air.  Patrick and I spent most of the day outside yesterday, preparing the garden beds, clearing away last fall's debris, deciding where to plant the seeds acquired over the winter. I love it.

I love designing things so they'll work beautifully. I love giving things the conditions they need to grow. I love watching things come to fruition. For me, the deepest satisfactions come from envisioning and then moving toward a hoped-for future.  So – how lucky am I?  I get to do that at home and I get to do it every day at work.

And Spring, my favorite season, is when the whole world madly and joyously clarifies-and-moves-toward-its-hoped-for-future!

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