A Job Well Done

I'm sitting in the back of a car (from our excellent upstate limo service, Adriano) being driven home from LaGuardia after a week on the road. It's Friday night, and as Jerry heads up the Taconic, I'm finishing up loose ends from various client engagements, answering email, setting up some calls and meetings for next week.

As I write this, I'm feeling both bone-tired and extremely happy.  I had two important client engagements this week, one in Minneapolis, and one in Chicago, and both were rife with problematic elements: either or both could have been a complete goat rodeo, as a friend of mine used to say.

But we navigated through them successfully.  In fact, great work was done by all, and both clients are in a significantly better place than they were a week ago.  In fact, I'd say we delivered on the Proteus brand promise big-time: both experienced us as illuminating, strengthening and trustworthy.

I feel extremely grateful that I get to help people in important ways.  I love the satisfaction that comes from feeling that I've put all my attention, skill and experience into providing that help.

A great close to a long week…

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