Today I was talking with a client about an employee of his – smart, hardworking, results-oriented – who is in some danger of losing her job simply because she is unable or unwilling to let go of her pre-conceived notions of how her boss should structure their department.  More specifically, she seems to believe that she should have a bigger job.
In fact, that she should be given significant parts of a peer’s job – things that other person is doing very well. And her current position is great – it’s an important job, with responsibilities that could prepare her for and leverage her into bigger and even more interesting jobs in the future.

As I listened to him describing the situation, I thought: this is the negative power of the human ego.  This person’s resistance could truly damage her career.  Reading this, it may be hard not to think, “Why on earth doesn’t she just get with the program?”

But I bet each of us has done this at some point in our lives. I certainly have.  Wanted something so intensely and were so completely convinced it was our due, that we ignored the impact our intransigence  was having on important things in our lives: relationships, jobs, opportunities.

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