Lately, I've been reflecting on the feeling of contentment.  I am generally content, and over the past year more so than ever before.  I consider it an entirely positive thing.

Then last week, I was talking with a client about the future he wants to create for himself, and he said, "I never want to feel content – I always want to be moving forward."  I just listened, and as he continued speaking, I realized that in his mind contentment and complacency are nearly synonymous.  He believes that if he is truly content, he will no longer feel motivated to achieve.

I believe the exact opposite.  When I'm content — not restless, out of balance, or revved up in any way; but simply at peace and and full of joy — I am at my most productive.  When I'm content with my life, none of my energy has to go toward trying to make myself feel OK, feel better, and I can focus entirely on experiencing and accomplishing those things that are truly important to me.

What about you?  Do you consider contentment the strong foundation from which you build, or a dangerous soporific?

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