Back in the Saddle

Just returned from a truly lovely 2-week  honeymoon in Wales.  I thought very little about anything work-related the whole time I was gone.

As a result, this week I've really been able to hit the ground running; once again I'm reminded how important it is to periodically rest one's brain and body.  It's true even if you really love your work, as I do.

Maybe it's the same principal as when you're picking out perfume (this may be new information for some of you <g>): you can only smell a certain number of fragrances before your nose begins to lose its ability to distinguish separate scents.  I certainly feel a renewed sharpness and clarity in my perceptions, coming back.

I also notice that I'm much more willing to confront situations directly that I might have avoided or felt overwhelmed by, three weeks ago.  I have more mental and emotional energy:  I don't feel as though I have to allocate it so carefully.

Is this just me, or does taking a real vacation have the same impact on everybody?

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