Creativity + Strategy = New Reality

Recently, I was asked by Sally Evans, who blogs at Embracing Creativity, to opine about being strategic on her blog.  The tag line for Sally’s blog is “Empowering you to lead a joyful and creative life,” and I love that she sees being strategic as a support for doing that.  She asked me a couple of great questions – about getting clear on what you want and on dreaming big enough to inspire yourself.

In answering her questions, I was reminded once again how strategy and being strategic have gotten a bad reputation: people tend to assume “strategic” means “dry, plodding, complicated, financially-oriented and theoretical” – with a slight overlay of “deceptive and calculated”!

That’s why I like our definition: that being strategic means consistently focusing on those core directional efforts that will best move you toward your hoped-for future. It’s how I’ve seen the best, most effective leaders operate.

I see being strategic as an approach and a set of skills that’s essential to bringing creative ideas to fruition; once you’ve come up with a wonderful idea – a hoped-for-future – you need to figure out how to make it a reality and stay the course to get it there. That’s the consistent focus on core directional efforts.

That’s why, when we use this approach with clients, we tend to label it the “Vision and Strategy Process”: joining the creative leap of visioning with the practical “mapping” of strategies and tactics is a powerful way to move toward a new reality.

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