Staying Strategic in Difficult Times

This is my week for guest blogging.  On Friday, I was invited to post on the CNBC Bullish on Books blog, and I offered a post about how to deal with having been laid off from a job.

In the blog, I talk about keeping your mindset accurate and focused, and assessing objectively the good news (great skills, experience or attitude) and bad news (thin financial resources, maybe your industry or sector is tanking).  Then, I suggest, be willing to envision a successful future, and decide (and execute) the specific steps you’ll have to take to get there.

I’m fascinated at the comments the post has gotten.  A number of them are very negative: the main premise is that I’m way too positive, and have no idea what it’s like in the real world (some comments: when’s the last time the author had to look for a job, or had to feed a family).  To set the record straight, I’ve always been the main breadwinner in my family, and because I’m a small business owner, I feel as though I’m looking for a job every day.

Interestingly, these posters are demonstrating exactly what I suggest NOT to do: they list all the reasons it’s ridiculous and unrealistic for them to get a decent job – let alone to be hopeful or strategic.  And although I know it’s a hard situation to be in, assuming that it’s an impossible problem to solve (and convincing yourself over and over that anybody who says otherwise is a Pollyanna) is 100% counterproductive.

Practicality + clarity + hopefulness seems to me to be the most useful combination when you’re in a difficult situation.

What do you think?

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