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A few months ago, I mentioned we were working with Tim Grahl and his team at Out:think. They’re helping us figure out how to gather up our tribe; how to support and be supported by the folks who are interested in the work we’re doing – and who want to use it to create the work and the lives they want.

This website is a result of our work together, and Tim and company are also in the process of creating a fan page on facebook for us, as well.

Tim’s most exciting idea, though – at least from my point of view – is what we’re calling “Erika’s Insider List.”  It’s a group of people who’ve elected to be included in a twice-monthly communication. I love it because it feels kind of like the grown-up version of a kids’ secret clubhouse – the place you could talk about the stuff that was really interesting (and eat cookies).

Once a month we’ll send something with a content focus; ideas and articles hot off the presses, or – in some cases – previous posts or articles that we feel deserve a second look. The other monthly communique will be more conversational: a request for input on a topic we’re mulling, or a little bit about what’s happening at Proteus; who we’re working with, the impact we’ve seen on clients, how we’re growing.

And we’ll keep working to figure out how to make the List more useful and interesting to its members.

If you’d like to join us, you’re more than welcome – the “Erika’s Insider List” sign-in is in the right sidebar of the home page, under my bio.

We’ll have to figure out about the cookies…

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