Back in the Saddle Again

For those of you who never watched westerns as a kid, or who aren’t as old as I am, the title of this post refers to an old Gene Autry song. In it, a contented cowboy sings happily about the joys of being back on the range, with the cows, his faithful horse, and his gun – doing what he loves, out where “a friend is a friend.”

If you take away the horse, the gun and the cows, I’m feeling a lot like old Gene this morning.  I’ve just returned from a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating week in the sun, and I’m actually quite happy to be ‘back in the saddle.’  As we were leaving our resort in Jamaica on Saturday, there were a lot of long faces around us – people talking about being depressed to leave, one woman saying she was ‘living for the day’ when she could come back.  I felt grateful that I was ready to return to my 21st-century horse/gun/cows/fellow cowpoke equivalents.

I’ve decided that one of the key elements of a great life is enjoying being on vacation – and enjoying coming back.

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