How Things Add Up

As I went into the admin page to start writing this, I noticed that it’s my 350th post.  It’s kind of astonishing to me; if my average post is 200 words long, that means I’ve written 70,000 words here over the past 4 1/2 years. That’s a book!

And I guess it surprises me because it’s been unintentional.  I didn’t set out to write a book’s-worth of blog posts; I just started blogging.

It makes me wonder if this isn’t why most people don’t do great things, large things.  Maybe they look at the thing they long to do — write the book, start the business, master the musical instrument, become a word-class whatever — and it just seems too huge; too high a mountain to climb. The prospect overwhelms them and they simply turn away; go back to the small daily things that seem doable.

But really, all big things – just like all small things – get done bit by bit, one step at a time. The difference, I think, is that doing something large requires both a belief that the million small steps will add up to your hoped-for outcome, and a belief that you are capable of continuing down that path all the way to the end.

It also requires clarity about the steps to take, and the focus to keep taking them.

And then something truly excellent can happen.


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