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Archive for September, 2011



Yesterday I had a new experience; hosting a session I was conducting.  I had been asked to facilitate a planning meeting for the business development folks from the Universal Cable Production studios and the USA and Syfy networks. Since it was a small meeting and they wanted to have it “off-campus,” I offered our new offices in Manhattan as a possible venue.  They took me up on it.

It was really fun – Dan did a marvelous job with all the logistics, and making everyone feel welcomed and taken care of.  And it is a great space – comfortable, open, lots of good light. I loved the feeling of hosting our clients; it was a whole new level of supporting them to achieve their hoped-for future.

It’s probably not something we can do often – it will only work for small groups, and when there’s no other activity going on in the office (coaching, internal meetings, etc.) but it’s lovely to have the option.

Having our own Proteus office in NYC is even more useful and enjoyable than I thought it would be. Onward and upward…


Growing Pains

Remember when you were an adolescent, and it felt like you were growing moment to moment?  Sleeves too short, limbs all gangly, emotions all over the map (one day a little kid all happy, the next a rebellious teen against the world).  And those actual, physical growing pains – I don’t know what they really are, medically, but I would get these aches in my arms and legs that truly felt as though someone were stretching me out.

I’m having the grown-up version of that right now. My kids are all becoming fully adult with blinding rapidity. Proteus is growing and changing even as we speak – new clients, new offers, new consultants. It looks like I’ll have another book coming out next year, and we’re already ramping up toward that. I’ll be turning 60 in few months, and although I don’t feel badly about that – it does somehow feel like a big change. Etc.etc.etc.

And like adolescence, it’s by turns exciting, scary, exhilarating, exhausting, joyful and overwhelming.  I’m working to remind myself that 1) I like change, 2) there’s nothing in here I don’t want (well, the getting older isn’t fabulous – but it’s certainly better than the alternative), 3) I have an amazing support system,  4) I have all kinds of personal tools (self-talk, meditation, healthy eating, exercise, being strategic) to support me, and 5) I honestly feel that the future is going to be even better than the present.

It’s just that sometimes, my mental and emotional bones ache.


21st Century Grrl Power

This week I have the pleasure and honor of working with 3 of my female colleagues, and our partners at Women in Cable Telecommunication (WICT) to conduct the  Rising Leaders Program, a five-day leadership and management “boot camp” for young women leaders in the cable industry.

WICT offers this program twice a year to a select group; less than half the applicants are accepted to the program in any given year. So the participants arrive thrilled to be here and hungry to learn.

As part of the program, we offer brief individual coaching sessions  to those participants who would like to meet with me.  I have time to meet with about 45 of the 60 attendees over the course of the week.  And though it might sound daunting – it’s such a pleasure.  They’re so smart and hopeful, so curious and thoughtful.  They’re serious about doing good in the world, finding a balance between work and family, and discovering their passion and their unique gifts.

Spending time with these women makes me feel even more hopeful about the future of business.  If these are the people who are going to be running the media industry in 20 years…we’re in good hands.


Blog Brag

Hey guys – I just found out my blog was ranked #67 of the hundred top leadership blogs. According to the creator of the list, Frode Heiman, the rankings were based primarily on “a formula that creates a score based on Alexa ranking, Google PageRank, (some secret search results) and fans in social media.” He also factors in his personal opinion about the blogs’ design and and his ‘overall liking’ for them, as secondary considerations.

So, thanks to all of you for reading and commenting over the years!