Mental and Physical Rejuvenation

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I made a commitment, when I started the blog in January of 2007, to blog at least once a week except when I’m on vacation.  And you might have noticed that my last post was on June 10.

So, yes – I’ve been on vacation. I’m a midlife convert to the power and efficacy of vacations. I didn’t take them when my kids were small – it just seemed like there was too much to do, what with being a wife and mother, starting and running a business, etc., etc.  In fact, the first time I ever took a two-week vacation as an adult was 13 years ago, when my kids were 11 and 15.  It was a revelation. When we got on the plane to go to Wales, I felt tired, overwhelmed, stretched thin. When I came back, I felt energized, clear, ready to rock.

As the years go by, and I seem to get busier and busier, and to be involved in pursuits that are ever more challenging (primarily fun and satisfying, but challenging nonetheless), vacations seem both more necessary and harder to make happen.  I find that I really have to discipline myself not to work (much) when I’m ostensibly vacationing, or I lose the benefits.

So I’ve established a kind of 90-10 rule for myself.  If, while I’m on vacation, I generally only work an hour or two on any given day (checking email and writing, mostly, but having the occasional phone call as well), and have at least a handful of days where I don’t connect with work at all – I seem to get the full rejuvenation benefit.

And when some of the vacation time happens in Wales, as it did last week, that seems to further magnify the renewal effect. And the fact that our darling granddaughter Hannah was there, serving as a model for all of us of how to fully enjoy every minute of being alive, amped up the wonderfulness factor even more.

In fact, I notice even as I’m writing this that my synapses are firing a little faster and more effortlessly than they were a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s to giving yourself a chance to recuperate, reposition, and re-engage!

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