Motivation and Priority – What’s the Connection?

I just found out via a tweet from a friend, Franke James, that this blog has been named one of the top 50 leadership blogs. As you might imagine, I was pleased and humbled. And, interestingly, I felt inspired to post more regularly here.

That got me curious.  Was it purely my competitive nature (being #49 on the list, and wanting to move up)? Or was it something else?  It got me thinking about motivation and prioritization.  I think the two are very closely linked, and that this link is largely unrecognized.  A lot of people talk about prioritization (all time management courses and systems are basically about prioritization), and a lot of people talk about motivation (think about how many ‘motivational speakers’ there are in the world), but what’s the connection between the two?

I’m convinced that motivation trumps prioritization every time.  We do what’s important to us.  For example, I know someone who’s been ‘making exercise a priority’ for the last 10 years…and pretty much never exercises; it’s not important to him.

If blogging here has suddenly moved up my priority list, then that says to me that finding out it’s a top leadership blog has suddenly made it more important to me.  And why is that?

Here’s what I think. There are three things that are truly important to me: achieving my own hoped-for future; loving and supporting my husband and children; and doing things that help the greatest number of people. So discovering that a bunch of people find this blog helpful has suddenly made it more important to me. Until yesterday, I thought of it a little bit as my own pet project – prioritized behind all the other things happening right now (Leading So People Will Follow about to launch; creating the multi-rater Fully Accepted Leader assessment; re-branding Proteus; keeping up with our business growth; finding enough time with my family). I’ve been thinking of my Forbes blog as my “real” blog.  But this discovery moves up the list.

So.  Expect to see more regular posts from now on. If you’re reading it – I’ll write it. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and finding it useful.

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