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The publication push for Leading So People Will Follow began about two weeks ago.  First, we had the launch party and awards ceremony, with the initial finished copies of books available for people.  The next day we found out that Amazon’s editors had selected it as one of the 10 Best Business Books for October (and one of the 36 best new books overall).

After that, it became a bit of a blur: emails to all and sundry; an announcement to the Insider List; writing articles and electronic interviews, and having ones I had written previously go up online; the official release on Amazon; asking folks to put up Amazon interviews if they liked the book (many thanks to all who have!).

And then last Thursday, we found out that the book is one of “Jack Covert Selects.” This is a big deal to me – Jack is the founder and CEO of 800CEOREAD, and the author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, and is widely held to be the arbiter of all things good in business books.  He selects just three books each month (of the 1,000 or so business books published every month) to highlight as his favorites.  I was thrilled and honored to be included.

And it’s still going on – over the next six weeks I’ll do 8 or 10 live interviews, write half a dozen more, give a couple of speeches. All for the purpose of letting people know the book is out there.

Then it’s up to you, and everyone who’s interested in understanding what it means to be a followable leader and how to become one, to hear about the book, read it, and recommend it to others.

It’s kind of like running with kite till it catches the wind…

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