In Praise of Gratitude

We had the launch party for Leading So People Will Follow on Monday night, as well as the Fully Accepted Leader award ceremony.  At the same time, we held our yearly all-Proteus meeting on Monday and Tuesday, and conducted a further development session for a smaller group of “Proteans” on Wednesday (yesterday).

It was all a love fest – high energy, lots to do, not much sleep, but a love fest nonetheless.  I spent three days feeling grateful. Grateful for the people in my life, grateful for the work I have the opportunity to do, grateful for the high-quality human beings on the Proteus team, grateful for all the embarrassingly positive things people said about me at the party. Grateful that the work we’re doing with our clients is so helpful to them, both personally and professionally.

Grateful that my children are such lovely and impressive people.

Grateful to be alive, and healthy, and loved.

Grateful to be so full of energy and hope at this stage in my life.

Grateful for my best-of-all-possible-worlds husband.

I could go on.  And it reinforced for me the positive power of gratitude.  Gratitude is that experience of recognizing something as a gift; being aware that it’s not a given, and feeling thankful for it. It’s the opposite of complacency, entitlement, greed, neediness. It opens your heart and your mind.

Gratitude lubricates all relationships and all endeavors.  When people on a team feel grateful for the opportunity to work together, their appreciation creates an environment of trust and hopefulness: it’s easier to solve problems, resolve miscommunications, make sound decisions. When people feel grateful for the work they do, they’re inspired to do their best, and to learn and improve.

And, all practical considerations aside, it just feels so damn wonderful to be grateful.

So here’s to the power of gratitude, and may you cultivate it in your life every day.

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