To All My Charming Gardeners

I just got a wonderful Thanksgiving message from a woman I know only on LinkedIn  – her name is Sheryl Brown, and she’s a member of our Leading So People Will Follow Group.  She sent a heartfelt Thanksgiving communication, thanking all the recipients (folks to whom she’s connected on LinkedIn) for their efforts, and for their positive impact on her life.  I loved the specificity and genuineness of her message – it wasn’t just “thanks for being you”; Sheryl clearly spent some time and thought thinking about what her LinkedIn connections do that makes her life better.

And she started out her post with this marvelous quote:

“Let’s be grateful for those who give us happiness; they are the charming gardeners who make our soul bloom.”

                                          – Marcel Proust

Her post, and that quote, have inspired me to thank all the ‘charming gardeners’ in my life:  I’m surrounded by so very many people who support and catalyze my happiness.  Every day, you – my family, friends, colleagues and clients –  inspire me with your affection, kindness, clarity, and hopefulness.  You remove obstacles for me and others; you cheer  my accomplishments and commiserate with my mistakes.  You allow me to see myself more clearly.  You help me – and you let me help you.

I know that I couldn’t be who I am or do what I do without the love and support of those around me.

So thank you.  And in this season of giving thanks, may all the ways in which you support others come back to you in generous measure.

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