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A New Year; New Possibilities – 01/02/13

Here’s a quote to start your year off right:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

– Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I have a feeling this could be a great year for each of us – if we are bold.  The past few years have been, to say the least, unusual.  The world seems to be changing faster than we can name the changes.  This time requires new solutions in order to move forward well – politically, economically, and socially – and we have the capability to create those solutions.

We have the whole world at our disposal, in ways that weren’t available even a decade ago.  We’re living it right now: wherever you are in the world at this moment, I’m sending you this email and a link to a video I created just yesterday.  We may be many thousands of miles apart, but we can connect with each other moment-to-moment. So much is inherent in that capability. And we have access to more information, more quickly, than ever before.  Google anything, or look at Wikipedia: it’s all there.

Being our own best resource…

Such newness is exciting, but it’s also scary.  Not having the path laid out before us can inspire us to create what we want – or intimidate us into sticking to the tried and true.

Throughout the years, I’ve seen that the biggest obstacles to achieving what we most want in life are not outside us, but within us.  You’ll see that’s the focus of my New Year’s video for you, and it’s my core intention coming into 2103: to help all those I touch this year, myself included, be bold in overcoming our own internal obstacles to success.  If we can move past that doubting, unhopeful voice in our heads, we can plan and then create what we envision. This can be a year of joy, excitement and fulfillment – one that improves our own lives and the world around us.

Here’s to us, and to our lives, and to the year ahead.  Let’s go.

Very warmly,


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