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Putting Up Your Sails – 01/16/13

I just spent a couple of days doing something that’s become a yearly ritual for me, and is one of the highlights of my year: I attended 800CEOREAD’s Author Pow Wow.  If you’re seriously considering writing a business book, I can’t recommend this conference highly enough.  It’s a small (intentionally small) gathering of business book authors and authors-to-be, along with publishers, publicists, agents, and a few highly-regarded folks in social media and speaking skills.  The purpose is to help authors understand the business of creating and marketing business books, in order to help them be more successful. The publicists and publishers, et al, donate their time – but I suspect they’re on the lookout for great new authors as clients and partners; I met my dear and awesome publicists Barbara and Rusty at past Pow Wows.

I’ve attended four out of the past six years, and every year I’ve created great new relationships and learned valuable stuff.  This year I was thrilled that a dear friend of mine, Mitch Ditkoff, attended. Mitch has just started working with my wonderful agent Jim Levine, and has a book proposal out – so the timing was perfect for him.  It was so fun for me watching him absorb everything.

Figure out where the right wind is blowing for you…

Now I’m on the plane, on my way back to New York, and I’m seeing a larger ‘good’ here, one that I wanted to share with you.

There are many more pulls on our time these days than any of us can accommodate. On top of your “regular” life – family, job, exercise, etc.  – people (and websites) are continually recommending conferences, books, videos, friends, parties, consultants, etc. etc. It’s easy to get into a kind of automatic “no thanks” mode, just to avoid getting overwhelmed.

But being in the right place at the right time can be so incredibly valuable, that I think it’s worth it to pause, when someone (especially someone you trust) suggests a new way to invest your time.  Take a breath, take a minute, think about whether that particular event or person might be truly helpful in taking you where you want to go, or in expanding your life in an important way.  In other words, reflect on whether that particular “wind” might be blowing strongly enough in the right direction that it’s worth putting up your sails to catch it.

Sometimes (and this is certainly true for me in the case of the Pow Wow) that wind really catches you, and moves you even farther and faster than you expected, toward your destination.

Bon voyage…

Very warmly,


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