Proteus is helping us make sure the US track and field team achieves its fullest potential in 2012 and beyond. Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, Chief of Organizational Excellence, USOC

How My Company Helps

You may have come to this page because you’ve read one of my books or blogs, or seen my public television special, and become interested in finding out how my colleagues and I work with our clients.

So, to satisfy your curiosity – here’s the scoop on Proteus, the company I founded in 1990. Proteus is a team of smart, talented and honorable folks who work with me to bring the skills and ideas in my books, blogs and TV show to our clients. We also offer additional skills, frameworks and approaches that haven’t yet found their way into books or TV shows.

But all of the work we do for and with our clients fulfills our mission of helping people clarify and move toward their hoped-for future.

Here’s how we work with clients to do that, and how it’s connected to the material you might have read or seen:

October 2012

Strengthening Leaders

In this area, we use the approach outlined in Leading So People Will Follow to support leaders to become more followable, so they can inspire loyalty and get great results. We also use the ideas and skills in Growing Great Employees and Being Strategic to help them become more effective.  We work with leaders individually – through our executive coaching and personal vision and strategy offers – to provide them with insights about their current strengths and growth areas and provide key skills and knowledge to create a successful future.  We also work with teams of leaders in the same way – helping them work together more productively to reach their goals.

St. Martins Press 2009

Clarifying Vision and Strategy

This is where we put our approach to being strategic – outlined in the Being Strategic book and public television show – into practice. We work with companies large and small, in many different industries, non-profit and for-profit, to help them envision a successful future for their organization and then craft a strategic and tactical path for achieving that hoped-for future. We also offer a variety of additional supports for making that vision a reality.

Portfolio 2006

Building Skills and Knowledge

I think of Growing Great Employees as the Boy Scout Handbook for people managers – outlining what it means to manage people, why it’s important, and how to do it. This part of our business takes that good advice deeper, offering the same material as powerful skill-based training for managers and leaders. We can also custom-design training for clients – still focusing on true skill development, so that people leave the course being able to behave differently day-to-day. And we can teach client trainers to get the same results through their delivery of our training programs.

If you’d like to know more about how we might help you or your company, please feel free to email us at, or call 888.926.9627.

Thanks very much for your interest!