In a world where we’re continually bombarded with new information, we want speakers who break through the noise to connect personally with us, making us feel more capable, more curious, more inspired to create the work and life we want. Erika Andersen speaks from her deep passion for the topics about which she writes and teaches, creating keynotes that resonate long after the event is over.

Growing Great Employees

What it is: Introduces the “what, why and how” of people management, based on Growing Great Employees. Provides a framework for participants to manage others well throughout their career.

Who it’s for: Primarily for those who have responsibility for others’ success–managers, executives, business owners, team leaders, project managers, entrepreneurs.

Being Strategic

What it is: Demystifies the idea of strategy, using the model from Being Strategic. Provides a practical, learnable approach to thinking and acting strategically, so participants can clarify the future they want to create and plan how to achieve it.

Who it’s for: Appropriate for anyone who wants to have better tools of thought and action to solve problems large and small.

Leading So People Will Follow

What it is: Explores the model from Leading So People Will Follow for understanding core qualities people look for in those who lead them. Provides insight for developing those personal characteristics, essential to becoming a fully followable leader.

Who it’s for: Most useful for those who aspire to be even more effective leaders, especially those who are already in leadership positions.

Be Bad First

What it is: Frames up why being a high-payoff learner is the key skill for success today. Provides grounding in the four mental skills from Be Bad First that will allow participants to become masters of mastery.

Who it’s for: Appropriate for anyone, at any level, who wants to be able to acquire new skills and knowledge more quickly and easily.

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