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The New Book – Two Years Later

It’s been an unimaginably changed two years since I wrote that last post. The world has altered in ways that none of us could have predicted – largely driven by the pandemic. Just a year ago this week, most of us were still blissfully ignorant of what was to come. In addition to working with my partners and colleagues to

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Let’s Get Better At Changing

We can’t stop change. Let’s get better at it. Continue reading

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Signposts on the Leader’s Journey

Mental and emotional trail mix for your leader’s journey – this is good stuff. Continue reading

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The Seduction of Incrementalism

Doing things ‘a little bit better’ can be a cop-out…. Continue reading

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Why We Think Learning Is Boring

To succeed in disruptive times, re-connect with your 4-year-old self…. Continue reading

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Caught By The Wind: When The Familiar Changes

Your job may not have changed on paper, but is it really the same as it was a few years ago? Continue reading

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Presto Change-o

I’ve decided that one key skill for surviving and thriving in this century is the ability to turn on a dime.  That is, to be comfortable with rapid and complete state changes. For instance, I just went from laying on a Caribbean beach with my darling husband, doing absolutely nothing, no responsibilities other than enjoying his company and avoiding a

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Change is the New Black

I heard somebody say this the other day – and had to smile.  I think it’s not only kind of funny, but true: change has become the basic, day-in-day-out reality of business life.  I was asked recently to write an article for Forbes.com on being strategic in these times of such deep and consistent change.  It was part of a

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