Erika Andersen on TV

Being Strategic with Erika Andersen

In this powerful, eye-opening program noted consultant, athor and executive coach Erika Andersen presents simple, doable steps to developing skills for strategic thought and action. According to Andersen, being strategic means consistently making core directional choices that best move you toward your hoped-for-future. Through amusing stories and practical real-world examples, Andersen offers core skills you can use to realize your dreams and claim your own “castle on the hill.”

Extra Features

Join Erika Andersen for an in-depth discussion of “Self-talk,” one of the most important elements of success in life. Discover how to uplift, energize and focus yourself to achieve your goals. Erika will share how changing the way you talk to yourself – making the internal “voice” hopeful and accurate – will support you in creating the future you most desire.